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Led candle for The Heart Sutra BI_120_S29J

Led candle for The Heart Sutra BI_120_S29J (japanese version) 1powered by 2*AA Battery; 2led liftspan:100,000H; ABS, diamention8.0cm x10.2cm(H) 3 leds for Seven Color Changing in Light Body,Light, and one pc of led in the head twinkled in yellow color 4 can be with picture sticker

Led_lotus BI_lotus001 (silk cloth)

Led_lotus BI_lotus (silk cloth) 1 led lotus with colorchanging function, lightcolorchanging smoothly and softly. 2 diameter 12cm, height 7cm (height for flower 5cm), flower is made of sik cloth, materials for leaf is EVA, battery case in the bottom is made of  ABS, 3 work with 3 pcs of AA,

led floating candle

Led floating candle BI_123B 1authenticcandle light with flicking effect 2romantic withoutannoying smell and smoke 3no risk of fire 4 fine design,lighting by putting it in the water,and putting off the light by moving it fromthe water.shines steadly even in windy condition

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