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led floating candle
Led floating candle BI_123B 1authenticcandle light with flicking effect 2romantic withoutannoying smell and smoke 3no risk of fire 4 fine design,lighting by putting it in the water,and putting off the light by moving it fromthe water.shines steadly even in windy condition
LED Tealight
1. Authentic candle light with flicking effect 2. Romance without annoying smell and smoke 3. No risk of fire 4. Shines even in windy condition shines up to 40 houres(depending on battery quality) 5. 2032 batteries included can be with printing sticker for comstomerized design
part for remote led candle
1 there are small or larger one. the larger one is with diameter 6.5cm and worked with 3pcs of  battery AAA, and the small one with diameter for 3.5cm, and worked with 1pcs of 2032 2 each full set  including remote controller, led candle, receiver( ic, pcb with battery case), 4 remote

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